What is NorthKIDS?

NorthKIDS is a place where your kids will be safe, have fun, feel like they belong, and learn that God loves and accepts them for who they are.

We want to partner with parents and teach kids about God in a way that they will understand through age appropriate lessons, activities, and games.  Our leaders realize that each week is precious time to invest in your kids and we take that role seriously – and consider it a privilege to care for their hearts.

Bethany Sampsel, Director of NorthKIDS & Families

mobile :: (513) 907-3000

Here's what to expect...


We know things are busy at this stage of life and your children are learning and growing in amazing ways. We are ready for them!  


Preschoolers will experience an interactive large group environment along with their own age groups in a classroom. During large group they will go the “The Clubhouse” to learn a bible story, sing songs, dance, and be loud.  In the classroom they will reinforce the bible story with questions, crafts, and other fun activities.  


We want your elementary kiddo to really understand how God’s word and fit into their everyday life.  In our large group environment they will participate in fun games, praise and worship, and hear a bible story on their level.  After large group, our small group leaders will use fun activities, lessons, and questions to reiterate the story and create an environment where friendships will last.