One Chapter changes everything.

In just one chapter, Acts 2 records the story of how a scared and confused band of Jesus followers transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit into an unstoppable Gospel-driven movement. This was a gathering, a body, so devoted to Jesus and to each other that no mountain placed in its path could stop it. This was a season marked by countless awe-inspiring, faith-filled defining moments—the Acts 2 Church was born.

Movements, Mountains, and Moments—a story isn’t a story without them.

Like the Early Church, we too are bound by a Gospel-driven movement and stand on the edge of the something amazing. We’re praying audacious mountain-moving prayers for our future, asking God for what only He can provide. For this next season, I invite you to journey with us in writing the next chapter of North Church—It’s time for our Chapter Two.

Throughout Chapter Two, I will be challenging you to listen and respond to God’s leading like never before. What steps (or even leaps) of faith is He calling you to take to deepen your trust in Him?

Get in a Group. Join us on Sundays. Make every moment count. I cannot wait to hear stories of how God has showed up in our midst, transforming lives, marriages, communities and the world around us through the Good News of Jesus Christ!

With God’s grace, let’s write Chapter Two, together.


What is Chapter Two?

Chapter Two is a two-year initiative that will challenge us all to consider what it means for us to grow in personal commitment and generosity toward God’s mission of redeeming and restoring messy and broken stories like ours. Together, we'll write three unique stories of impact, legacy, and mission.

We believe history will show this to be the most defining time in our church’s young history as we grow in commitment to Christ and His mission to reach the lost and deepen our commitment toward sacrificial living. Let’s be a church that shares with a weary world the only truth that promises life for all of eternity.

It's time for our Chapter Two.

Look at the nations and watch—
    and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
    that you would not believe,
    even if you were told. 

- Habakkuk 1:5 (NIV)

Your stories drive our next chapter.

Goal: $1,375,000

When Jesus first spoke of the Church, He wasn’t referring to a place, but a people. Our mission as the Church transcends buildings, programs, and borders. We are a gathering, a Gospel-driven movement saved by grace, bound by love, and expressed through compassion for world around us. We are His Church.

Our everyday mission at North Church is to meet people wherever they are on their spiritual journey, leading them toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Chapter
 Two, we will continue to support existing ministry to kids and students while exploring even more ways to offer relevant Bible teaching and worship through added services, future sites, and live-streaming. The heartbeat of our community—Groups and Serving—will also continue to expand.

“The church does not exist for us. We are the church, and we exist for the world.” — Erwin McManus


Goal: $2,500,000

As a major part of Chapter Two, we envision moving from currently rented space at Orange Middle School to our first permanent campus on Africa Road. The proposed 350-seat multi-use sanctuary with dynamic environments for kids and students, staff offices, rooms for Groups, special events, and more will provide a seven day a week place to call home.

Why Build? Why Now?

A 24/7 City Center

Since the beginning, we’ve remained committed to serving and bringing hope to our community, not just one day a week but all week long. We dream about an inviting space where kids, students and adults can gather and grow seven days a week. The lack of a permanent home places that dream on hold.

Weeklong Growth for All Ages

Whether it’s a fun and interactive experience for kids, a course on The Gospels led by seminary faculty, or a worship experience for all ages, a building provides the flexibility to meet the spiritual needs of our ever-expanding community.

A Home for Healing and Recovery

Whether it’s hope and healing through addiction, surviving the loss of a loved one, counseling through financial hardship, or other, our Chapter Two vision creates a safe and consistent space for everyone to find hope in community.

Understanding Our Neighbors – A Building Matters

While many enjoy the “church in a box” experience, statistics show that those skeptical of faith are less likely to attend church in a mobile environment. For some, mobility communicates new opportunities with flexibility, for others it communicates a lack of permanence or stability.

Loving our Rapidly-Growing Community

Delaware County continues to remain at or near the top of the list of fastest growing counties in the Midwest. With amazing schools and proximity to Columbus, experts only expect growth to continue. As a church with a heartbeat to reach the lost, last and least, establishing our first permanent campus creates visibility and accessibility, two elements those who might not typically come to church desire and are difficult to create in a mobile environment.


Goal: $125,000

Through Chapter Two, we will partner with our friends at Iglesia Gran Comisión - La Libertad, El Salvador to build their first permanent Nutrition & Community Center (CDI). The vast majority of kids in La Libertad live in otherwise inaccessible, gang-controlled neighborhoods. The projects of our partner church focus on building “bridges” into these neighborhoods. Through the use of the CDI, the church builds a legitimate relationship with a network of families, and can then serve them more broadly – not only at the CDI, but in each family’s home as well.

Further, we will continue to stretch our investment with international church planting partners Africa for Christ, national and local partners Young Life, Jeremiah Project, Open Table, Stop Hunger Now, and more.

“We believe the building of our first permanent Nutritition Center for children and families will build the most strategic bridge yet toward meeting the most basic needs of the poor in our community.” — Pastor Ivo Claros, Iglesia Gran Comision, El Salvador