Bible Next Steps

One of our Essential Bridges at North Church is “between God’s Word and God’s People.”  When this bridge is built, the story of God comes alive and changes lives.  Whether you’ve read the Bible your entire life or are just getting started, we are all asking “Where do I start today?” Listed below are some FAQ’s and suggestions to help you make that connection.  

FAQ’s on studying the Bible—

I’ve heard there are many translations of the Bible.  Which one is the best?
Easy answer—whichever one you’ll read!  Our pastors often reference the New International or the English Standard Versions.  But we also find times where the Message translation, written in today’s language, adds meaning as well. 

Where can I find a bible?
Depending on how you’re wired, you may prefer either an actual bible with pages or a digital version on your phone or tablet.  We love both!   Paper bibles come in a variety of designs, some specializing with thoughts for children, students, parents, athletes, for those in the marketplace, and more.  You chose the one that works for you!

          Click here to search for bibles on Amazon
          Click here to download the bible for your phone or tablet.

How can I better understand the bible?
The bible is full of stories, characters, and teachings that sometimes we need help making sense of because of how it is written or context of what was happening during that time. Our friends at The Bible Project have created a tool called "How to Read the Bible" which provides a 6-10 minute video overview of each book of the bible – full of historical context and explanations of teaching, characters, and storylines. 

Click here to learn more about the bible through How to Read the Bible

Now that I have a bible, where do I start?

Getting Started :: First 31 days in the Word: 

– First Steps for New Believers | 7 day reading plan 
– Read two chapters in Mark each day | 8 days 
Essentials for Living reading plan | 16 days

The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) are first person accounts of the life of Jesus.  We feel that’s a great place to begin!  But, that’s up to you!  Listed below are some helpful links to reading plans for you to access on your phone or tablet.

Reading Plans

Do you suggest any devotional or supplemental materials to help me get the most out of my bible reading experience?
Devotional books and guides can help add context, history, and greater understanding to what you’re reading.   Listed below are some of our favorites.

          Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
          My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
          One Year Uncommon Devotional by Tony Dungy

 “…faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” 
–Romans 10:17

Still have questions or would like to talk with 
someone personally about where to get started?